You’ve heard that digital marketing is the way to grow your business but you aren’t sure where to start. Building your first digital marketing funnel is not hard as long as you understand the components of a funnel and how they work. In this episode, April Beach dives into the 3 components of all winning funnels, how you use your marketing funnel and what you can expect if you’ve built it right. You’d be surprised by the number of large companies that do not currently know how to build and utilize a funnel and grass-roots relationship marketing. This episode will catapult you beyond big giants! Hiring a marketing firm may not yet be in your budget, or if you do plan to hire out you at least need to have an understanding of what a marketing funnel is, your company’s goals and expectations, and an overview of how your funnel should function and work. This podcast episode gives you clarity to move forward. At the end of this episode you will: Know what a marketing funnel is Know the components of a marketing funnel Understand how to set yours up

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