CA Net Book: 💻📚+1 & +2 (CS & CA)
Computer Application Courses

Chapter 5:
Web Designing Using HTML

After the completion of this chapter, the
• uses different list tags to present the
content effectively in web pages.
• identifies the relevance of hyper
linking and uses A tag for different
types of linking.
• provides audio and video in web
pages with the help of EMBED tag.
• produces inline sounds and videos
in web pages.
• lists and explains the tag and
attributes for creating a table.
• uses the tags associated with
TABLE tag to design tables with
different characteristics.
• constructs different tables using the
tags and attributes.
• identifies the importance of frames
in the web page.
• creates frames using appropriate
tags to display different web pages
in the same browser window.
• identifies the concept of Forms in the
web page.
• explains various components in a
Form and creates them using proper
tags and attributes.
• designs web pages with tables,
frames and forms.


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