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Write in this video I want to go over three basic types of squeeze page funnels that are effective in helping you build your email marketing lists specifically from solo ads. But these funds can be used to build your email list for multiple traffic sources. But again in this course we’re going to be focusing primarily on solo ad and email marketing Sylow ads. So the first funnel is something I called the lazy affiliate funnel. So this is for the most simplistic of marketers that you know they’re not the greatest copywriter. They don’t really aspire to be a great copywriter. They don’t you know they don’t want to sit down and mastered the art of copy but they want to build a list and they don’t have a product of their own to offer. They just want to send that traffic that they want a little less but they want to send that traffic to a high converting sales page. And the easiest way to do that is simply with just a an opt in box or squeeze page or landing page of sorts. And the easiest way to come up with a headline is to examine high converting sales pages for the offers that you’re promoting. You know I’m an internet marketing promoting make money online and kind of a business opportunity type offer so I would go out there to these different marketplaces and we’ll go over where to find all these offers. Later in this course and you know everything you need to know to mastery to these funnels. But you’ll go to these different marketplaces and find these different products and services that you can promote and you’ll basically just wipe their headline and copy it onto your squeeze page with a button that says something like get instant access. You know that headline followed by you know opt in box and get it to access and then no takers. And then once they opt in it’ll take them directly to that high converting landing page. And you should get a percentage of sales based on the number. So the ads that you buy. And I always recommend you know a couple of hundred but I’ll get to that again and a later video. But you should be able to get a good sense of how well that traffic converse sales page with a couple of hundred solo ad with a couple of hundred clicks so the ad and again will go into all that and a later video. But this is basically how this looks so basically just simple opt in box. And then once they opt in it’ll take them the traffic will be directed directly to that sales page which will be your affiliate link. Now assuming that this works out of the gate you get some good result maybe you break even maybe even make some profit from this product or service that you’re promoting then you can advance to just what I just called the average affiliate funnel. I kind of borrowed this from Vic Streisand which is a master internet marketer master at building email lists and just mastered traffic in general. And so he can kind of call this the average affiliate funnel because of the next funnel that I’m going to show you. But this is what most marketers do. Basically they combine step one of either swiping a headline or creating their own headline. Once that Hesder ops and they go to what’s called sort of a bridge page or some sort of a page that warns that visitor up for the offer that they’re about to see which would be the sales page and this could either be some text that you try to kind of introduce the offer that’s on the next page or some sort of a short video. Warming them up to you know just kind of preparing them for what’s on the next page. And this bridge page alone usually increases conversions by you know 2 5 10 20 percent because you’re warming up that traffic they’ve already expressed interest in this offer and you’re making that connection with them building a little better rapport with them before they go to the sales page so they’re not completely cold traffic just straight from the opt in directly to the sales page. So this is the next best type of funnel that you can build. And what most marketers are using today for their funnels. So those are two different funnels that you can use. And then the third one can I kicks it up a notch and adds a viral aspect into your funnel so that you can start getting traffic Vialli aka a free to get some residual traffic soon


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