In this episode, Dan Lu talks about 5 design mistakes that can cost you revenue in your funnels.

Design is an overlooked and underestimated part of the marketing and sales process.

If you learn how to design effectively, it can help you build more authority, create a better brand, establish more trust, and help you convert more leads and customers.


Step 1: Get the Marketing ToolKit for Smart Entrepreneurs and Build The Right Foundation for Your Business

Step 2: Get Your FREE Pre-Made 7-Figure Funnel Framework and Ebook: 7 Funnel Design Mistakes that Cost You Sales):

Step 3: Go to My Resources Page for My Favorite Design Resources, Tools, and Books

Dan Lu is a marketing consultant who is focused on providing information, strategies, and resources in various areas of digital marketing to help you improve your skills, build a thriving business, and create a better and financial future.

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