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Hi, my name’s Jack.

It took me years of painful practise, experimentation and experience to learn how to make websites, how to get customers, and how to control making more sales. I hated getting stuck, and I’d like to help you solve the problems that I had to struggle through alone.

I remember WordPress was a game-changer!  A way to craft any website you want.  And then amazing plugins like Divi and Elementor Pro came along to make building great websites something anyone can do!

But knowing how to make a website is one thing… knowing how to make a website that uses the best themes, plugins, tools, design, call-to-actions and funnelling that grow conversions and help get the results you need to grow your business… well, that’s another thing entirely!  That’s where I want to be different. I don’t want to just teach you how to do the first step, but how to follow-through and make it work.

Thankfully it’s possible to combine online marketing and in-person sales to make your business more pleasurable and profitable.

Let me know in the comments what’s helping you and what else you’d like to learn. Thanks again for watching.

Jack Duel
Jack in the Net


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