ClickFunnels is a website building platform that allows you to build and manage a sales funnel website that converts site visitors into sales.

You simply choose a sales funnel template (or templates), pick out a design, change the copy and images in each page so that the site says what you need it to say, and you’re good to go.

There are several pre-built marketing elements that you can simply drag and drop into the spaces on your page to create sales funnel pages that are totally customized to your business.

GetResponse was once a simple, straightforward email marketing platform.

Now, on top of the email marketing platform, they were initially known for GetResponse lets you build landing pages, create webinars, and take care of all your marketing automation needs.

With each of these sites combined toolkits, they are both comprehensive internet marketing platforms.

While the wording used by these companies to describe their services is very different, the intention of both is relatively similar.

Helping you with analyzing marketing tactics for your business online without requiring an entire IT department to keep up with it all.


About Me:
Nikhil Sai here and j help businesses to scale using Sales Funnels and strategies to increase their revenue

Through this YouTube channel, I will try my level best to teach you everything I know
Most content will be related sales funnels, business strategies, paid traffic, FB ads, email marketing, affiliate marketing, entrepreneurs, scaling businesses and a lot more things

Through our Funneling Media We have helped multiple 7 figure businesses, couple of 8 figure businesses and a lot of 6 figure businesses to scale using Sales Funnels to sell their offers effectively

We did at least 10X our clients lead generation using high converting sales funnel a lot of them are 7 figure businesses

People don’t really understand the importance of Funnels yet so I’m creating a Funnel moment in the industry

Selling your offers isn’t that hard, probably you are doing the wrong way

You just need a great offer, a funnel to sell and convey your message with a follow-up system and you’ll be good

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