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eCommerce Web Design: Step by Step Guide
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Video Timestamps:
04:39 Selecting a Hosting Provider
08:05 ecommerce Product Research for Success
11:10 Key-Word Planning for your ecommerce website
12:34 Domain Name Selection – in line with keywords
14:58 eCommerce Web Development Process
17:52 On-Page SEO
18:50 Web-Master Services for out eCommerce Website
22:08 Marketing and Paid Advertising
24:07 Off-Page SEO for web design
27:24 Social Media Marketing
29:31 Project Management Tool for managing our web design process
30:01 Clickup Dashboard
32:31 Project steps discussion. Taking the plan and preparing a task-list
36:26 Adding Social Media Marketing to the project plan

Who is this video made for:
1. Web Designers who are looking for a structured approach to eCommerce specific web design
2. Entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting their online store and want to build it themselves – be their own web designers
3. Anyone who wants to see how the web design process goes from planning to completion


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