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A 3 day free webinar from Codegnan, no technical knowledge needed.

Web Development Essentials teaches you all the fundamentals, and by the end of the webinar you will be able to build your website, build websites for small businesses or turn your idea into a website, we start by covering the fundamentals of internet, buying guide for Domain and Hosting. The Course is instructed by Jaswanth, who loves WordPress and been working with WordPress for more than 5 years.

Topics covered in the webinar:

1. Web Fundamentals.
Fundamentals of Web Development, What Is Internet, What makes a Website and ways to host a website. Types of Hosting and best way to buy a domain.

2. Many ways to build a great website.
There are several ways to build a website, Custom Coding, Using Templates, and using CMS. We will discuss the pros and cons and continue with the best solution.

3. Deep dive into Web terminologies.
Cover most commonly used web terminologies while building a website, this will make sure that you won’t be lost while learning web development.

4. Fundamentals of WordPress.
WordPress.Org and WordPress.com, understanding Themes and Plugins, Default WordPress URL’s. Front end and Dashboard.

5. Exploring WordPress Dashboard.
Each and every option in WordPress is explained in detail and best practices to follow and know how on WordPress Dashboard.

6. As most essential basics are covered we will start building the your first ever WordPress site. Okay, we might design more than a single website.


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