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Build your own Interactive App! Earn Free Certificate

Step 1: Click Login/Register
Create a New Account or Login with an existing account. You will need an email address to create an account. Fill in all details correctly when creating an account as this information will be printed on your certificates.

Step 2: Complete courses in sequence
Go to “My Account” page after logging in. Start with Course 1 and work your way through all the courses till Course 6. You can complete courses at your own speed. Your progress is stored in the system even if you logout. You can pause and resume as per your convenience.

Step 3: Earn Badges
You win a badge for every completed course. Earned and Pending badges can be seen on “My Account” page.

Step 4: Get Certificates
You will receive certificates for “Mobile App Development” after completing course 4 and “Web App Development” after after completing course 6 ! Certificates can be downloaded from “My Account” page.

Step 5: Help & Support
In case of any questions, click the “Need Help” option at bottom of the screen to search for answers to common problems. Else, click “Help” option in the menu to get more support.



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