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A powerful digital marketing funnel is the ultimate secret to generating leads, converting your customers, and keeping them happy and engaged.

​This step-by-step sales funnel guide for marketing written by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” from Bangalore takes you into a new world of learning that will spark your interest to the core..

The marketing funnel ebook guide is still vital for guiding consumers along the buying journey to helping them becoming a brand ambassador.

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Srinidhi Ranganathan is the founder of FirstLookAi (India’s First Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing company). He is a Technologist, Digital Marketing Coach, Author and Video Creation Specialist with over 8+ years of experience and has worked at top companies in India.

Having over 5 Lakh students on Udemy – he has facilitated digital marketing analysis and provided state-of-the-art marketing strategy ideas and tactical execution plan for top marketing companies in India including startups, SMB’s and MNC’s. This includes strategic brainstorming sessions, market analysis, market research related to digital performance, support of various marketing initiatives for new product and consumer promotional launches etc.

Srinidhi gained his popularity through his unique, practical yet engaging training methodologies he utilizes to teach during the training sessions. Some of his training methods include gamified learning experiences conducted by virtual robots like Aera that prompts behavioral changes in students and brings forth a new kind of fascination among the crowd. Everyone calls him “The King of Digital Marketing’ and he’s all set to create history in this field.


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