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Losing a job is never easy for anyone and if there is something like marketing or sales funnel which can help the person to replace the salary with something of his/her own then there is nothing better then that.

Marketing funnels are important for both the consumers and the marketers/entrepreneurs.

Funneled is a short story that I made to explain the marketing funnels.

Rather than making the potential customer overwhelmed by providing all the information together for the related product or service, marketers use marketing/sales funnels for the same reason.

Funnels have different stages, although there are definite amounts of stages in the marketing funnels but some entrepreneurs/marketers add more layers to the funnels according to the complexity of the product/service which they are trying to sell.

Once you have made the funnels then the next step is to pull the people towards that funnel and one of the commonly used medium is Facebook ads.

which medium do you use to bring the people towards your funnel?

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