Funnels vs Websites For Local Businesses

Did you invest in a website for your business, thinking leads or customers were sure to follow? If you’ve been disappointed by the amount of actual leads, clients or customers your site alone brings to your business, this video should help you.

The question is: what’s a better fit for a local business–a website or a full digital funnel? I think the answer is very clear, and in this video I share exactly what your website needs to be more effective–a mostly automated conversion machine for leads.

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The Working Funnel is an end-to-end, done-for-you digital marketing upgrade for local businesses. It’s helped business of four continents leap ahead of the local competition in their industry.

Here is your working Funnel deep dive:

Book a free, no-obligation consultation with me at the Calendly link below, with just a few clicks. I guarantee you’ll learn things about your marketing you don’t know (but should):


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