Do you want to make money as a freelancer with web design? Here are my best tips for how to sell a website and charge a small business owner using the best long-term pricing strategy.

We’ll dig into hourly pricing vs. project pricing, how to get paid, and the reality as a freelancing beginner (it’s not that bad if you accept it instead of face it head-on), and how to ascend the value ladder so you can charge more.

Download the web design client questionnaire here so you can better estimate your time and provide a more accurate price for the web design project:

Use the chapters below to follow along!

Intro – 00:00
Web design pricing principles- 01:49
The “holy grail” of freelancing – 05:14
The reality of starting a business – 08:31
How to keep your web design clients – 011:39
Now take action – 14:09

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