Web design is the all-important skill and art form used to craft an effective web presence for organizations, business and organizations of all types. Web designers have a crucial task of creating the online presence of a company and without a full understanding and practice wielding these tools, partial success is the best can be expected.

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HTML and CSS are two important codes that a web designer will apply to creating a wide variety of web pages and design features. These two “languages” are the ultimate tools in a web designers kit for good reason. The following article will provide an overview of how these two skills are still important today and why every web designer should invest time in becoming proficient in CSS and HTML.

HTML and CSS are Design Tools

A common misconception is that CSS and HTML are programming languages. As design tools, CSS and HTML can’t be used for programming and this is why errors in your HTML or CSS code will have a very different result than a programming language. Most often, when a browser encounters an error in your coding it will work to skip over this section or display what it imagines the code to mean.

There are also no “function statements” as you would find in a programming code, as all the commands are used to stylize and manipulate content in a browser window.

Considerable Advancements Have Been Made

Another important reasons these two design codes are still a relevant tool for the web designer is that they have both been upgraded significantly since their previous versions. HTML5 is especially effective at adjusting content to be meaningful to the page it is displayed. There has also been streamlining done to remove the need for tags on every line.

CSS3 Is Also Replacing JavaScript as the Language of Online Web Animation

Even though HTML5 and CSS are languages for design alone, some of the later elements are entering the realms of programming and this is carrying all sorts of future implications. As a matter of fact, CSS and HTML are a good place to begin honing your skills for bigger programming tasks later in life. You can practice even if you aren’t fully versed in the whole language.

And CSS has become one of the most important animation languages of the WEB since Flash died not so long ago. And CSS has the power that flash lacked and is capable of much greater productions. Furthermore, animation and images in motion are all the rage online and something all web designs require.

Wireframes with CSS are better than a Photoshop Mockup

If you are in one of those design situations where you need to convert your mockups into coding, you will find CSS has special design features that allow easy communication between the designers and developers. This has been a point where CSS receives great acclaim from the web design community by taking rough designs and presenting these in a way designers can understand.

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