Make $100,000+ a year and save years of your time. We guarantee you will go from zero design knowledge or experience to getting hired as a full-time or freelance designer making $100,000+ a year. This is the only design bootcamp you need to learn and master web & mobile design, Figma, UI & UX, and HTML & CSS.

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Design is a valuable skill that doesn’t get outdated easily like many technical skills. Trends change, but the skills and fundamentals you learn in this course will take you many years into the future, make you a more valuable employee and give you the skills that can get you hired.

Designers with the skills that we teach you are in HIGH demand.

You also won’t be learning alone. You’ll be learning alongside hundreds of other students from around the world in our private online Zero To Mastery community 👋


💥 Who this course is for?

◾ You are a complete beginner and want to become a successful designer or freelancer
◾ You want to get hired as a Web Designer, Mobile Designer, UI/UX Designer
◾ You are a designer who is looking to learn modern design skills and tools and charge more for your work
◾ You are a web developer or mobile developer and want to improve your design skills or learn from scratch so that you can add another valuable skill to your toolbelt
◾ You want to learn about the latest CSS3 features like Flexbox, CSS Grid and CSS Variables as well as HTML5


💥Topics covered:

◾ Web & Mobile Design Principles
◾ Web Design vs. Web Development
◾ Sketching
◾ Inspiration
◾ User Flows
◾ Sitemaps
◾ Wireframes
◾ Prototyping
◾ Getting Feedback
◾ Grids + Spacing
◾ Typography
◾ Color
◾ Forms + UI Elements
◾ Imagery + Iconography
◾ Accessibility (often overlooked in design!)
◾ Design Systems
◾ Motion Design
◾ Microinteractions
◾ Design Systems
◾ Working With Developers
◾ Figma
◾ Turn Your Figma Designs Into Live Apps & Websites Using HTML & CSS
◾ CSS + CSS3

+ more


BONUS: You’ll also get instant access to 100+ assets and premium design templates that you can keep and use to customize all your future projects.

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