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Some people call it a scam, some claim you can live your dream, make money while travelling the world with PlanNet marketing. The biz op definitely gets some attention when you look at the perks you are offered.

Can you really get travel discounts and make an earth-shattering amount of money at the same time? Truth be told, we are skeptical when we see a lot of hype revolving around a product. In this review, we uncover the secrets behind this travel business opportunity.
PlanNet Marketing Review – A Sneak Peek
Plan Net Marketing was founded by Don Bradley who has been active in the network marketing & multi-level marketing space for a long time. They have partnered with InteleTravel which is a travel company.

The two companies joined hands and as a result, the business opportunity aspect of this business came into existence. You can become a travel agent and sell discounted travel/tour deals or buy some for yourself or send referrals to the company so they sign up as a distributor (like you).

The deals include discounts on vacations, hotels, resort stays, cruises, car rentals, and aeroplane tickets. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can do a combination of everything and truly light it up and skyrocket your earning potential.
How It Works
PlanNet Marketing is simply an added multi-level marketing layer on top of the travel company. To make money with the program, you must take one of the following ways:

Sign up as a InteleTravel Agent (ITA) and bring sales
Become an affiliate, and get people to join the biz op through you and earn commissions on their sales.
It’s worth noting PlanNet marketing doesn’t sell anything, only InteleTravel does. Instead you can directly signup with the latter as an agent and make commissions on your sales. With the former, the only difference is that you’re eligible to make commissions on your multi-level downlines.

To be an ITA, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $179.95 and then $39.95 monthly. You can earn between 70 – 80% commissions on the referrals you bring and $50 for recruiting other agents.

Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam?
Businesses which solely (or mostly) rely on recruiting people fall under ‘pyramid schemes’ as per the Federal Trade Commission/FTC. PlanNet Marketing definitely relies a lot on bringing other agents onto the system.

It can’t be called a scam since there isn’t enough evidence here but it’s still something you don’t want to be a part of. Firstly, it will cost you an arm and a leg to be an agent with the company. Secondly, the payment plans aren’t very promising (including $50 one-time you receive on referrals).

If you leave all that aside, the fact they use a multi-level marketing model which heavily relies on recruiting people, it doesn’t make the business future-proof. The FTC can always hop in, interfere and make them overhaul the system or take it down entirely


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