In this stream, I will be performing problem domain analysis as the first step in re-designing my old and crappy website. Problem domain analysis is a fancy word for:
– What does my website, web app, mobile app, business, whatever need to do? (i.e. what problems does it solve for users, including myself)
– What things does it need to represent? Things that don’t change (constants), things that do change (variables)

The first step above will tell you about the functions (use cases, interactors, user stories, repository interfaces, etc.), and the second step can be used to determine the virtual objects (classes, fields, properties, variables, constants, etc.) it will need to represent.

The next stage is creating the User Interface designs, followed by writing the actual code.

Java Desktop Programming w/ JavaFX (Intermediate) –
Complete Beginner Introduction To Java Programming (Beginner – Intermediate) –
Android Apps With Kotlin & Android Studio (Beginner) –
Material Design Android Programming w/ Kotlin (Intermediate) –

Complete Beginner Introduction To Java Programmer (with English, Arabic, and Burmese subtitles):


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