The Internet has really changed in the last several years. So also have the devices that we use when we are viewing material that is online. 20 years ago, we were all using the same standard type of PC, allowing us to view the Internet and the basic HTML pages that it presented. Fast forward to modern times when we have tablet computers, smart phones, and other devices that all have different sized screens. This has prompted the creation of dynamic templates that have superseded the use of HTML websites, allowing us to take advantage of what are called reactive and responsive web design features. Let’s go over the difference between the two, and then help you decide which one would be best for your business.

reactive or responsive design

What Is Reactive Web Design?

A reactive website is one that is going to display a completely different page to the visitor depending upon the type of device they are using. For example, if they are viewing everything on a laptop computer, they will be redirected to a portion of the website that will display a page that will show up on that particular type of screen. This could be an HTML site, or it could be a PHP site, either of which will work fine. However, if they are viewing on a tablet computer, or a smart phone, the viewer will be directed to a completely different website, or a page on that website, that will allow them to see everything properly.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

A responsive website is one that will dynamically change depending upon what the viewer or visitor on the website is using once they arrive. Instead of sending them to a completely different webpage, or website that is configured for each separate device, a dynamic template can simply convert everything, rearranging the images, content, and even the structure of the template itself, to accommodate the size of the screen. This allows the webmaster to only use one particular website, adding all the content, knowing that it will simply change the size and shape of the template depending upon what device is being used.

Which One Is Better?

Although both reactive and responsive websites are going to work, most people choose a responsive website instead. First of all, you only have to create the content one time, and the website theme is going to make all of the modifications automatically. This saves the webmaster the trouble of having to create a completely different website, or a set of sub- pages that are designed for specific screens. Additionally, these responsive websites tend to load much faster, allowing the person to have a much lower bounce rate when visitors arrive.

Regardless of the one that you choose to work with, you now know what the differences between reactive versus responsive web design. Each one of them is used to present the proper size of the website for the device that is viewing that page. Most people choose the responsive web design because it is easier, plus it will load faster in most cases. If you are thinking about getting a new website, or upgrading the one that you have right now, you now know what to expect from these two different types of website design options.

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