Erik Bee is a multi-skilled business starter, real estate educator, and funnel marketing expert. Erik’s gone from motorcycle riding appraiser to Fortune Builder mastermind to the brains behind Real Estate Funnel Systems. He now spends his days focused on the data science driving marketing funnels and leads for some of the industry’s biggest real estate companies. From SMS marketing to SEO to direct mail, the marketing game is definitely a pros game.

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00:00 The Data Driven Podcast Welcome Erik Bee of Real Estate Funnel Systems
01:48 How did Erik Bee go from a motorcycle racing appraiser to real estate funnel marketing expert?
05:17 How the appraisal game changed drastically during the Great Recession and how it changed his career
09:10 With no money, how Erik started with trustee sale auctions and why someone financially back him
14:45 Than Merrill, Fortune Builders, and making connections at the local real estate investment association (REIAs)
15:51 The guru real estate educators and who is to blame for people not succeeding in real estate investing
20:19 Learning from Than Merrill, CT Homes and running marketing in San Diego
22:33 Why equity deals were so difficult to land in the Great Recession
26:40 Why do people outsource marketing funnels?
29:42 Does a marketing consultant use the same tools and strategies with all clients?
35:36 What is a real estate sales funnel?
37:20 Is there a target conversion ratio for marketing?
37:27 The power of SMS marketing and the importance of compliance
39:04 Examples of SMS failure and not staying compliant
39:54 How your marketing can get you blacklisted from the Internet services providers
41:52 How cold email campaigns can destroy SEO on top of getting your domain blacklisted
42:53 Why SMS marketing is currently Erik’s top strategy and the data-driven results Erik is chasing
43:58 Other integrated marketing strategies employed to create holistic real estate funnels that drive conversions
45:01 What is RVM for marketers?
45:06 Current issues with ringless voicemail messaging that marketers need to know
45:48 Is direct mail still an important channel for real estate investors in 2020?
46:13 The number one reason Real Estate Funnels Systems starts with text message marketing, then Facebook lookalike advertising, and ends with direct mail
47:22 Is real estate marketing funnels people-centric or market-centric?
48:58 How important is it for a real estate professional to have a strong online presence?
49:51 The number one social media channel that real estate professionals should focus on
52:20 Why some real estate investors don’t put websites on bandit signs
52:42 Some side benefits of setting up a professional online presence that some people miss
53:16 The big risk of only focusing marketing resources on social media channels
53:49 How effective is social media advertising in 2020 for real estate professionals?
55:09 Why YouTube is changing the game for marketers
57:01 The shocking number of YouTube views tied directly to its algorithms
58:43 The metrics behind SEM paid ads for real estate professionals.
59:15 Aaron’s embarrassing story of paying $1,000 per click for paid ads that never converted
1:03:22 How leading service in mind keeps real estate pros focused on trends and landing more deals

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