Here we have an introduction to Started Free Web Design and Web Development Course @ Learning Monkey.

Learning monkey has started a new course on Web Design and Web Development Course.

This complete course is completly free of cost.

The course deals with 6 playlists.

Playlist1 is about HTML5 and CSS3. The complete tags and the properties of HTML5 and CSS3 will discussed here.
Playlist 2 is about the javascript. The complete concepts of javascript will be discussed here.
Playlist 3 is about the bootstrap. The complete concepts of responsiveness will be discussed here.
Playlist 4 is about UI/UX. The user interface and the user experience desigs will be implemented here.
Playlist 5 is about Front End Development. The interfaces of ech page in the website will be realized here using html5, css3, javascript, and bootstarp 4.
Playlist 6 is about Django a web framework of python.

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