Welcome to another episode of SEO On-Air. There are lots of debates surrounding marketing funnel, regarding who owns it, whether it is the marketing team or sales team, or whether it is still relevant in the consumer-buying process today.

What if we tell you that an effective SEO strategy can play a bigger role in the entire marketing funnel stage? To speak more about it, we have Garrett Mehrguth, the CEO of Directive- a next-gen performance marketing agency for software companies.

Welcome to our show, Garrett. Our topic for today is “Strategizing SEO for Different Stages of the Marketing Funnel.”

Topic Covered

[01:19-02:07] How important is the user intent of a keyword in different marketing funnel stages?

[02:38-08:27] When it comes to SEO, what is the best way to achieve synergy in the stages of the marketing funnel?

[08:45-16:48] What is the next step after creating the glossary content?

[ 21:23-23:08] Can you share more about the course you are offering?


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