Part 1 of building our our layouts for tablet, laptop and desktop screen breakpoints for our website using Tailwind CSS Responsive Web Design Utility Classes.

Video Sections
00:00 Overview
02:31 Hero Section
04:48 Card Section

Tutorial Overview
How to setup and install Tailwind Css using NPM.
Building a Website with Tailwind Css, using css grids, flex box for layout.
Utilizing Tailwind Css mobile first approach to build responsive web design.
Creating subtle animations on our UI components with transition and transform utility classes. Creating components, cards, buttons, navbar with hamburger menu on mobile.

This video tutorial series about TailwindCss by Code with Chu. Video 2 of 14.

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Tutorial Source Files can be found on Github.

Demo Site

TailwindCss –
NodeJs – .
VScode –
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css –
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