Danni Roseman is a writer and content creator. She’s collaborated with LMDES for the past 6 years. You can find Danni’s work in Travel Noire, Blavity, The Local and Everyday Feminism. At LMDES she’s a writer, event coordinator and manages their thriving online community.
Through the use of incredibly impactful, engaging and authentic content, Danni has helped grow the brand and services that LMDES offers. Followed by thousands of people around world, and with readers in over 50 countries, LMDES has made its mark on both the travel and remote work spaces. Their goal is to empower, uplift and inform their audience when it comes to navigating remote work and living abroad.
Join us in a special conversation with Danni to discuss her passion for content creation, her strategies and her professional struggles. As Always, we’ll analyze how great content relates to funnels and how it is essential to helping attract, convert and retain clients.


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