An introduction to everything you’ll need to create your first marketing funnel or multiple sales funnels for your business. Part of a video series. Experience the full series at

Video 1: How to Come Up With Your Funnel Components & What You’ll Need
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0:29 What is a Funnel?
0:39 Tasks that help you figure out your funnel
0:49 What you’ll learn
1:06 Where do you start? (drawing the funnel out)
1:30 Figuring out the first step of the funnel
1:51 Steps to go with the worksheet (entry point)
2:10 Writing out funnel components
2:24 Coming up with YOUR first step (Today’s task)
3:07 How to create a free resource for your funnel

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In the Next Video 2: How to Create the Funnel Components and Material

Additional Resources Mentioned in this Video:
• How to Create an Infographic in Canva:
• How to create an online worksheet in Canva:
• How to Create an eBook in Canva in a few minutes:


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