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Every web designer out there is not the same, which means that being too hasty when choosing one can come back to bite you in the rear. The best way to know that you are dealing with someone solid is to look for all of the following signs.

A Solid Background

What kind of work did the designer do prior to you meeting them? You should always ask about this before you sign on the dotted line. Just because someone claims that they are the best around, you should not believe this without proof. Always ask for a portfolio and references from those they have worked with in the past. Failure to furnish either is definitely grounds for exclusion.

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When you talk to a designer for the first time, they should be very open to any ideas you have. While they are the professionals, the site they are designing is supposed to be a reflection of you, so feedback should be welcome. If you come across someone who is bullheaded and insists on doing things their way, you should look for someone else. A great designer knows that listening is a crucial part of the process.


Who is it you will be working with. There are so many people doing Salt Lake City web design jobs that it is easy to find yourself roped into a contract with someone who is a virtual unknown. When you visit their site (they should definitely have one), contact information should be clearly posted. You do not want to hire someone you think is a local designer and they are halfway across the world.

The best way to find a good designer is to seek out one that possesses all three qualities mentioned, like A+ Web Design. Failure to take heed means that you will be in for a ride that is likely to be far from pleasant.

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